Gnome2 Style: Shiki Colors+Gnome Colors

The Linux Gnome style that I like is Shiki-color + Gnome colors icon theme. It looks pretty and professional and it is fast. How to install them: Gtk engine: # yum install gtk-murrine-engine Icon theme: # yum install gnome-colors-icon-theme Theme: Dowload from here: Install it by Appearance Preference -> Install. Configuration: Appearance Preference -> […]

Setting Up Xen Dom0 on Fedora : Xen 3.4.1 with Linux Kernel 2.6.29 on Fedora 12

Please refer to Xen Solutions for the latest stable Xen Dom0 solution. In this post, the detailed tutorial for setting up Xen 3.4.1 dom0 on top of Fedora 12 with kernel 2.6.29 will be introduced. Hardware: Dom0 hardware platform: Motherboard: INTEL S5500BC S5500 Quad Core Xeon Server Board CPU: 2 x Intel Quad Core Xeon […]

How to Set Up Password-less SSH Login on Linux

Automatic passwrod-less ssh login can make our life easier. To enable this, we have 2 options: using key-based authentication by copying our SSH public keys to the remote machines for automatic password-less login or using password-based authentication. I will introduce the 2 options in the post. Before you start, please note that key-based authentication is […]

Installing akmod NVIDIA Driver on Fedora

Installing akmod NVIDIA driver from rpmfusion on Fedora 12. First make sure your nvidia card is in “Supported NVIDIA GPU Products List”: Click here for the list 1. Add rpmfusion repository: Enable RPM Fusion repositories 2. Install akmod nvidia driver akmod builds the required kmod on bootup # yum install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-libs.i686 3. Add nouveau […]

How to Install MPlayer and MEncoder on Fedora

Fedora does not include MPlayer or MEncoder for some reasons in its official repositories. But RPMfusion does it for us. Let’s install mplayer and mencoder and learn some tricks to play rmvb files. 1. Add RPMfusion repository: Enable RPM Fusion repositories 2. Install MPlayer and MEncoder # dnf install mplayer mencoder 3. Get codecs Most […]

How to Send Email from mailx Command in Linux Using Gmail’s SMTP

The heirloom mailx command in Linux is still providing service for guys like me, especially when we need to send email automatically by script. gmail is great. Now, how to use gmail’s smtp in mailx/mail? gmail is a little special since gmail’s smtp server requires tls authorization. The good news is that mailx supports it. […]

How to Control or Disable SELinux in Fedora and CentOS Linux

For most of cases, you should not disable SELinux. However, for some users, SELinux may cause problems or is not needed. We may just make it not block operations or totally disable it. Making SELinux log warnings instead of blocking ∞ For many cases, people find SELinux blocks operations. For tests or some other situations, […]