beep-media-player-2 (1) - Linux Manuals

beep-media-player-2: Media Player


BMP - Media Player


beep-media-player-2 [OPTIONS]


BMP is a media player


-?, --help
Show help options
-v, --version
Display version and paths/files used by the current BMPx installation
-c, --configure
Prints the arguments passed to configure for the installed version of BMPx
-n, --no-network
Start BMPx in "offline" mode, that is, don't enable network dependent sources (, Radios), and don't use network dependent services (Musicbrainz)
-u, --uris
Parse the command line arguments as URIs to play (this is the default anyway so this option shouldn't be really needed; legacy reasons)
-f, --files
By default, beep-media-player-2 will expect the arguments passed to it on the commandline without options to be URIs (e.g. file:///music/file.ogg, or; using this switch will make it treat the arguments as filenames of locally (on this host) acecssible files instead
Pause/Resume Playback
Skip to the next Track/Item
Skip to the previous Track/Item


Log directory, to which all log files are written to unless --no-log is used.
Configuration file (please run beep-media-player-2 --version for a full list of paths and files used by BMP)
Podcast feedlist in OPML format (adding a feed there while BMP isn't running will make it load the feed when started up the next time)
SQlite library file


The BMPx web site is