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pptemplate: script to generate Makefile.PL and PP file skeleton


pptemplate - script to generate Makefile.PL and PP file skeleton


        # generate Makefile.PL and mymodule.pd in CWD
        pptemplate PDL::MyModule;


The pptemplate script is the easiest way to start a new module for PDL that contains PP code (see also PDL::PP). The usage is simply

  pptemplate modulename;

As a result pptemplate will generate a perl Makefile for the new module (Makefile.PL) that contains the minimal structure to generate a module from PP code and also a skeleton file for your new module.

The file will be called mymod.pd if you called "pptemplate" as

  pptemplate PDL::CleverAlgs::Mymod;

I suppose you can work out the naming rule ";)". If not resort to experimentation or the source code.

"pptemplate" will refuse to overwrite existing files of the same name to avoid accidents. Move them out of the way if you really want to scrap them.


Currently there is only the "-i" option which switches "pptemplate" into the so called internal mode. It should only be used when you are starting a new module within the main PDL tree that is supposed to be part of the PDL distribution and the normal PDL build process, e.g.

   cd PDL/IO;
   mkdir Mpthree; cd Mpthree;
   pptemplate -i PDL::IO::Mpthree;


Maybe ";)". Feedback and bug reports are welcome.


Copyright (c) 2001, Christian Soeller. All Rights Reserved. This module is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as PDL itself (see <http://pdl.perl.org>).