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xcfinfo: display information about GIMP xcf files


xcfinfo - display information about GIMP xcf files


xcfinfo [ options ] filename


xcfinfo is a command-line tool that displays information about the contents of image files in the XCF format used by gimp(1), particularly about the layers in the image.


-h, --help
Print an option summery to standard output and exit with a return code of 0.
-j, --bzip
Equivalent to -Z bzcat. Default if the filename ends with bz2.
-u, --utf8
Use the raw UTF-8 representation from the XCF file to compare and display layer names. Ordinarily, layer names will be converted to the character set of the current locale.
-v, --verbose
Print progress messages about the conversion to standard error.
-V, --version
Print the version numer of xcftools to standard output and exit with a return code of 0.
-z, --gzip
Equivalent to -Z zcat. Default if the filename ends with gz.
-Z command, --unpack command
Specify a command that the input file is filtered through before being interpreted as an XCF file. The command is invoked as command filename and must produce output to its standard output. Note that it is not possible to specify arguments as part of command. An uncompressor is selected automatically if the filename ends with gz or bz2; to suppress this, use -Z cat (which is implemented without actually starting a cat(1) process).


Information about the image is displayed on standard output in a fixed format. The first line contains general information about the XCF file:
The file format version
The canvas size
The image mode (color, grayscale, or indexed)
The numer of layers
The internal compression algorithm Following this line there is a line for each layer:
The character + if the layer is visible and - if it is not
The size and offset of the layer
The pixel format of the layer, including whether the layer has an alpha channel.
The layer mode, as well as the opacity if not 100%, and /mask if the layer has an active layer mask.
The name of the layer.


The exit status of xcfinfo is
Problems parsing the command line.
The specified XCF file does not exist or cannot be read.
The XCF file contains presumably valid features that xcftools does not support. (As of this writing there is no known way of getting the Gimp to write an XCF file that will provoke this return. Please notify the author if you discover one).
The XCF file is malformed.
An uncompression program could not be executed, or terminated abnormally.
Unexpected I/O error, internal errors, or other "this can't happen" situations. If an uncompression program returns an error exit status, this will be returned from xcfinfo too.


xcfinfo was written by Henning Makholm <henning [at] makholm.net>.


xcf2pnm(1), xcf2png(1)