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file antlr3baserecognizer.c

Contains the base functions that all recognizers require.
file antlr3basetree.c

file antlr3basetreeadaptor.c

Contains the base functions that all tree adaptors start with.
file antlr3bitset.c

Contains the C implementation of ANTLR3 bitsets as adapted from Terence Parr's Java implementation.
file antlr3collections.c

Provides a number of useful functions that are roughly equivalent to java HashTable and List for the purposes of Antlr 3 C runtime.
file antlr3commontoken.c

file antlr3commontree.c

file antlr3commontreeadaptor.c

This is the standard tree adaptor used by the C runtime unless the grammar source file says to use anything different.
file antlr3commontreenodestream.c

Defines the implementation of the common node stream the default tree node stream used by ANTLR.
file antlr3convertutf.c

file antlr3cyclicdfa.c

file antlr3debughandlers.c

Provides the debugging functions invoked by a recognizer built using the debug generator mode of the antlr tool.
file antlr3encodings.c

file antlr3exception.c

Contains default functions for creating and destroying as well as otherwise handling ANTLR3 standard exception structures.
file antlr3filestream.c

The ANTLR3 C filestream is used when the source character stream is a filesystem based input set and all the characters in the filestream can be loaded at once into memory and away the lexer goes.
file antlr3inputstream.c

Base functions to initialize and manipulate any input stream.
file antlr3intstream.c

Implementation of superclass elements of an ANTLR3 int stream.
file antlr3lexer.c

Base implementation of an antlr 3 lexer.
file antlr3parser.c

Implementation of the base functionality for an ANTLR3 parser.
file antlr3rewritestreams.c

Implementation of token/tree streams that are used by the tree re-write rules to manipulate the tokens and trees produced by rules that are subject to rewrite directives.
file antlr3string.c

Implementation of the ANTLR3 string and string factory classes.
file antlr3stringstream.c

Provides implementations of string (or memory) streams as input for ANLTR3 lexers.
file antlr3tokenstream.c

Default implementation of CommonTokenStream.
file antlr3treeparser.c

Implementation of the tree parser and overrides for the base recognizer.
file antlr3ucs2inputstream.c

Base functions to initialize and manipulate a UCS2 input stream.