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std::chrono::duration_values: std::chrono::duration_values


std::chrono::duration_values - std::chrono::duration_values


Defined in header <chrono>
template <class Rep> (since C++11)
struct duration_values;

The std::chrono::duration_values type defines three common durations:

* std::chrono::duration_values::zero
* std::chrono::duration_values::min
* std::chrono::duration_values::max

The zero, min, and max methods in std::chrono::duration forward their work to these methods.
This type can be specialized if the representation Rep requires a specific implementation to return these duration objects.

Member functions

zero returns a zero-length representation
         (public static member function)

min returns the smallest possible representation
         (public static member function)

max returns the largest possible representation
         (public static member function)