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std::experimental::ranges::View: std::experimental::ranges::View


std::experimental::ranges::View - std::experimental::ranges::View


Defined in header <experimental/ranges/range>
template <class T>
concept bool View = Range<T> && Semiregular<T> (ranges TS)
&& /* view-predicate<T> */;
template<class T> (ranges TS)
struct enable_view {};
struct view_base {}; (ranges TS)

The concept View<T> specifies the semiregular range T has constant-time copy, move, and assignment operations.
The /* view-predicate<T> */ portion of the concept is determined as follows:

* if the qualified-id ranges::enable_view<T>::type is valid and denotes a type, ranges::enable_view<T>::type::value;
* otherwise, if std::is_base_of_v<ranges::view_base, T> is true, true;
* otherwise, if T is a specialization of std::initializer_list, std::set, std::multiset, std::unordered_set, or std::unordered_multiset, false;
* otherwise, if both T and const T satisfy Range and ranges::reference_t <ranges::iterator_t<T>> is not the same type as ranges::reference_t<ranges::iterator_t<const T>>, false;
* otherwise, true.