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ALSA project - the C library reference
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oGlobal defines and functions
oConstants for Digital Audio Interfaces
oConstants for MIDI v1.0
|oMIDI Commands
|\MIDI Controllers
oInput Interface
oOutput Interface
oError handling
oConfiguration Interface
oControl Interface
|oHigh level Control Interface
|\Setup Control Interface
oPCM Interface
|oStream Information
|oHardware Parameters
|oSoftware Parameters
|oAccess Mask Functions
|oFormat Mask Functions
|oSubformat Mask Functions
|oStatus Functions
|oDescription Functions
|oDebug Functions
|oDirect Access (MMAP) Functions
|oHelper Functions
|oHook Extension
|oScope Plugin Extension
|oSimple setup functions
|\Deprecated Functions
oRawMidi Interface
oTimer Interface
oHardware Dependant Interface
oMIDI Sequencer
|oSequencer Client Interface
|oSequencer Port Interface
|oSequencer Port Subscription
|oSequencer Queue Interface
|oSequencer Event API
|oSequencer Miscellaneous
|oSequencer Event Type Checks
|oSequencer Event Definitions
|oSequencer Middle Level Interface
|\Sequencer event <-> MIDI byte stream coder
oExternal PCM plugin SDK
|oExternal Filter plugin SDK
|\External I/O plugin SDK
oExternal Control Plugin SDK
oMixer Interface
|\Simple Mixer Interface
oUse Case Interface
\Topology Interface

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