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11 /*
12  * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
13  * it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as
14  * published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of
15  * the License, or (at your option) any later version.
16  *
17  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
18  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
20  * GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
21  *
22  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
23  * License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
24  * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
25  *
26  */
28 #ifndef __ALSA_RAWMIDI_H
29 #define __ALSA_RAWMIDI_H
31 #ifdef __cplusplus
32 extern "C" {
33 #endif
42 #define SND_RAWMIDI_DLSYM_VERSION _dlsym_rawmidi_001
45 typedef struct _snd_rawmidi_info snd_rawmidi_info_t;
47 typedef struct _snd_rawmidi_params snd_rawmidi_params_t;
49 typedef struct _snd_rawmidi_status snd_rawmidi_status_t;
52 typedef enum _snd_rawmidi_stream {
61 #define SND_RAWMIDI_APPEND 0x0001
63 #define SND_RAWMIDI_NONBLOCK 0x0002
65 #define SND_RAWMIDI_SYNC 0x0004
68 typedef struct _snd_rawmidi snd_rawmidi_t;
71 typedef enum _snd_rawmidi_type {
82 int snd_rawmidi_open(snd_rawmidi_t **in_rmidi, snd_rawmidi_t **out_rmidi,
83  const char *name, int mode);
84 int snd_rawmidi_open_lconf(snd_rawmidi_t **in_rmidi, snd_rawmidi_t **out_rmidi,
85  const char *name, int mode, snd_config_t *lconf);
88 int snd_rawmidi_poll_descriptors(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int space);
89 int snd_rawmidi_poll_descriptors_revents(snd_rawmidi_t *rawmidi, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int nfds, unsigned short *revent);
90 int snd_rawmidi_nonblock(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, int nonblock);
91 size_t snd_rawmidi_info_sizeof(void);
96 #define snd_rawmidi_info_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_rawmidi_info)
100 unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_device(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj);
101 unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_subdevice(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj);
104 unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_flags(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj);
105 const char *snd_rawmidi_info_get_id(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj);
106 const char *snd_rawmidi_info_get_name(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj);
110 void snd_rawmidi_info_set_device(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj, unsigned int val);
111 void snd_rawmidi_info_set_subdevice(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj, unsigned int val);
114 size_t snd_rawmidi_params_sizeof(void);
119 #define snd_rawmidi_params_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_rawmidi_params)
131 size_t snd_rawmidi_status_sizeof(void);
136 #define snd_rawmidi_status_alloca(ptr) __snd_alloca(ptr, snd_rawmidi_status)
144 int snd_rawmidi_drain(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi);
145 int snd_rawmidi_drop(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi);
146 ssize_t snd_rawmidi_write(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, const void *buffer, size_t size);
147 ssize_t snd_rawmidi_read(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, void *buffer, size_t size);
148 const char *snd_rawmidi_name(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi);
154 #ifdef __cplusplus
155 }
156 #endif
158 #endif /* __RAWMIDI_H */
struct _snd_rawmidi_params snd_rawmidi_params_t
Definition: rawmidi.h:47
int snd_rawmidi_params_current(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_params_t *params)
get current parameters about rawmidi stream
Definition: rawmidi.c:839
unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_device(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi device number
Definition: rawmidi.c:524
int snd_rawmidi_info_get_card(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi card number
Definition: rawmidi.c:557
int snd_rawmidi_nonblock(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, int nonblock)
set nonblock mode
Definition: rawmidi.c:455
int snd_rawmidi_drain(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
drain all bytes in the rawmidi I/O ring buffer
Definition: rawmidi.c:964
int snd_rawmidi_poll_descriptors(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int space)
get poll descriptors
Definition: rawmidi.c:417
size_t snd_rawmidi_status_sizeof(void)
get size of the snd_rawmidi_status_t structure in bytes
Definition: rawmidi.c:853
Definition: rawmidi.h:56
void snd_rawmidi_params_free(snd_rawmidi_params_t *obj)
frees the snd_rawmidi_params_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:708
int snd_rawmidi_open_lconf(snd_rawmidi_t **in_rmidi, snd_rawmidi_t **out_rmidi, const char *name, int mode, snd_config_t *lconf)
Opens a new connection to the RawMidi interface using local configuration.
Definition: rawmidi.c:332
struct _snd_rawmidi_info snd_rawmidi_info_t
Definition: rawmidi.h:45
size_t snd_rawmidi_info_sizeof(void)
get size of the snd_rawmidi_info_t structure in bytes
Definition: rawmidi.c:473
const char * snd_rawmidi_info_get_id(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi hardware driver identifier
Definition: rawmidi.c:579
Definition: rawmidi.h:54
ssize_t snd_rawmidi_read(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, void *buffer, size_t size)
read MIDI bytes from MIDI stream
Definition: rawmidi.c:990
void snd_rawmidi_status_get_tstamp(const snd_rawmidi_status_t *obj, snd_htimestamp_t *ptr)
get the start timestamp
Definition: rawmidi.c:904
void snd_rawmidi_status_copy(snd_rawmidi_status_t *dst, const snd_rawmidi_status_t *src)
copy one snd_rawmidi_status_t structure to another
Definition: rawmidi.c:893
int snd_rawmidi_close(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
close RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:347
int snd_rawmidi_open(snd_rawmidi_t **in_rmidi, snd_rawmidi_t **out_rmidi, const char *name, int mode)
Opens a new connection to the RawMidi interface.
Definition: rawmidi.c:305
int snd_rawmidi_params_malloc(snd_rawmidi_params_t **ptr)
allocate the snd_rawmidi_params_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:692
size_t snd_rawmidi_params_get_avail_min(const snd_rawmidi_params_t *params)
get minimum available bytes in rawmidi I/O ring buffer for wakeup
Definition: rawmidi.c:778
size_t snd_rawmidi_params_sizeof(void)
get size of the snd_rawmidi_params_t structure in bytes
Definition: rawmidi.c:679
snd_rawmidi_type_t snd_rawmidi_type(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
get type of RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:380
Definition: rawmidi.h:75
int snd_rawmidi_info(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_info_t *info)
get information about RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:668
struct timespec snd_htimestamp_t
Definition: global.h:153
unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_subdevice(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi subdevice number
Definition: rawmidi.c:535
const char * snd_rawmidi_info_get_name(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi hardware driver name
Definition: rawmidi.c:590
ssize_t snd_rawmidi_write(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, const void *buffer, size_t size)
write MIDI bytes to MIDI stream
Definition: rawmidi.c:976
size_t snd_rawmidi_status_get_xruns(const snd_rawmidi_status_t *obj)
get count of xruns
Definition: rawmidi.c:926
void snd_rawmidi_info_free(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
frees the snd_rawmidi_info_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:502
int snd_rawmidi_poll_descriptors_count(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
get count of poll descriptors for RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:404
void snd_rawmidi_info_set_device(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj, unsigned int val)
set rawmidi device number
Definition: rawmidi.c:634
const char * snd_rawmidi_name(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
get identifier of RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:367
snd_rawmidi_stream_t snd_rawmidi_stream(snd_rawmidi_t *rawmidi)
get stream (direction) of RawMidi handle
Definition: rawmidi.c:393
int snd_rawmidi_params_get_no_active_sensing(const snd_rawmidi_params_t *params)
get no-active-sensing action status
Definition: rawmidi.c:807
void snd_rawmidi_info_set_subdevice(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj, unsigned int val)
set rawmidi subdevice number
Definition: rawmidi.c:645
int snd_rawmidi_status_malloc(snd_rawmidi_status_t **ptr)
allocate the snd_rawmidi_status_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:866
int snd_rawmidi_params(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_params_t *params)
set parameters about rawmidi stream
Definition: rawmidi.c:819
int snd_rawmidi_status(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_status_t *status)
get status of rawmidi stream
Definition: rawmidi.c:938
const char * snd_rawmidi_info_get_subdevice_name(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi subdevice name
Definition: rawmidi.c:601
void snd_rawmidi_info_copy(snd_rawmidi_info_t *dst, const snd_rawmidi_info_t *src)
copy one snd_rawmidi_info_t structure to another
Definition: rawmidi.c:513
size_t snd_rawmidi_params_get_buffer_size(const snd_rawmidi_params_t *params)
get rawmidi I/O ring buffer size
Definition: rawmidi.c:749
void snd_rawmidi_params_copy(snd_rawmidi_params_t *dst, const snd_rawmidi_params_t *src)
copy one snd_rawmidi_params_t structure to another
Definition: rawmidi.c:719
Definition: rawmidi.h:79
Definition: rawmidi.h:73
int snd_rawmidi_params_set_avail_min(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_params_t *params, size_t val)
set minimum available bytes in rawmidi I/O ring buffer for wakeup
Definition: rawmidi.c:764
int snd_rawmidi_drop(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi)
drop all bytes in the rawmidi I/O ring buffer immediately
Definition: rawmidi.c:950
int snd_rawmidi_params_set_buffer_size(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_params_t *params, size_t val)
set rawmidi I/O ring buffer size
Definition: rawmidi.c:735
unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_subdevices_avail(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi available count of subdevices
Definition: rawmidi.c:623
void snd_rawmidi_info_set_stream(snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj, snd_rawmidi_stream_t val)
set rawmidi stream identifier
Definition: rawmidi.c:656
struct _snd_rawmidi_status snd_rawmidi_status_t
Definition: rawmidi.h:49
struct _snd_config snd_config_t
Internal structure for a configuration node object.
Definition: conf.h:69
Definition: rawmidi.h:71
int snd_rawmidi_params_set_no_active_sensing(snd_rawmidi_t *rmidi, snd_rawmidi_params_t *params, int val)
set no-active-sensing action on snd_rawmidi_close()
Definition: rawmidi.c:794
struct _snd_rawmidi snd_rawmidi_t
Definition: rawmidi.h:68
Definition: rawmidi.h:52
void snd_rawmidi_status_free(snd_rawmidi_status_t *obj)
frees the snd_rawmidi_status_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:882
unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_flags(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi flags
Definition: rawmidi.c:568
void * ptr
Definition: seq_event.h:199
unsigned int snd_rawmidi_info_get_subdevices_count(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi count of subdevices
Definition: rawmidi.c:612
int snd_rawmidi_info_malloc(snd_rawmidi_info_t **ptr)
allocate a new snd_rawmidi_info_t structure
Definition: rawmidi.c:486
Definition: rawmidi.h:77
int snd_rawmidi_poll_descriptors_revents(snd_rawmidi_t *rawmidi, struct pollfd *pfds, unsigned int nfds, unsigned short *revent)
get returned events from poll descriptors
Definition: rawmidi.c:436
snd_rawmidi_stream_t snd_rawmidi_info_get_stream(const snd_rawmidi_info_t *obj)
get rawmidi stream identification
Definition: rawmidi.c:546
size_t snd_rawmidi_status_get_avail(const snd_rawmidi_status_t *obj)
get current available bytes in the rawmidi I/O ring buffer
Definition: rawmidi.c:915

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