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PulseAudio  6.0
pa_sample_spec Struct Reference

A sample format and attribute specification. More...

Data Fields

pa_sample_format_t format
 The sample format. More...
uint32_t rate
 The sample rate. More...
uint8_t channels
 Audio channels. More...

Detailed Description

A sample format and attribute specification.

pacat-simple.c, and parec-simple.c.

Field Documentation

uint8_t pa_sample_spec::channels

Audio channels.

(1 for mono, 2 for stereo, ...)

pa_sample_format_t pa_sample_spec::format

The sample format.

pacat-simple.c, and parec-simple.c.
uint32_t pa_sample_spec::rate

The sample rate.

(e.g. 44100)

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