How to make case insensitive search in Vim/Vi

By default, Vim/Vi's search is case sensitive. However, if I want to search case insensitively, is there any method?

For example, I search for dot, instead of dog, I also want to find out phases containing Dog, DOg, etc.

asked Feb 5, 2013 by anonymous

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There are several methods:

1. Setting the search to be case insensitive in Vim

:set ignorecase

To unset it:

:set noignorecase

You can also put it to your .vimrc if you want the behavior to be the default one.

2. You can also force a patten to be case insensitive or sensitive by \c or \C regardless the setting of ignorecase.

For example, the search /dog\c is always case insensitive. And /dog/C is always case sensitive.

3. Use smartcase

To enable it:

:set smartcase

If your search pattern is purely lowercase, it will search case insensitively.
If your search pattern contains uppercase characters, it will search case sensitively.

answered Mar 1, 2013 by anonymous

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