BBCode Support in WordPress

BBCode is another markup language to format posts widely by forums, which is easier and clearer than HTML. WordPress provides a visual editor and some easy-to-use tools, but no built-in BBCode support. Let’s see how to add BBCode support in WordPress. We can add BBCode support to WordPress with the BBCode plugin by bOingball that extends the BBCode plugin by Viper007Bond. » Read more

HTML Document Character Set and Encoding

HTML authors need to look up HTML character encodings frequently as some characters can not (or hard to) be typed out directly from the keyboard. Calculating the HTML character encoding from ASCII code The characters that appear in ASCII Table can be represented with its decimal ASCII code. For example, we want to encode HTML character ‘[‘. First, look up the ASCII Table and find: 091 133 0x5B 01011011 [ (left opening bracket) The decimal value for ‘[‘ is 091. » Read more

Changing the Font Size of WordPress’s Visual Editor

The font size of WordPress’s visual editor is too small for me on my screen display. The default font size is 13px which is hard for my eye on my screen. There are two ways to change the default font size in the visual editor. One is changing WordPress’s css file for the editor while the other is using a plugin. » Read more

Style of pre Tags in WordPress

I use <pre> tag a lot in the html. I believe the guys that usually past codes into the pages will like it too. I use the pre tag to list programming code such as C/C++, php, Linux shell output and some other content that is suitable for Monospace font. The effect is what it is here. It has a scroll bar and it has a solid frame which will make it clear. » Read more

PHP Redirect with HTTP 301

The htaccess method can be found in How to Redirect Old Domain to New Domain Using htaccess Redirect. This is the method that use php to generate the HTTP 301 Redirect. There are a lot of benefits of using HTTP 301 Redirect. These benefits can be found in the htaccess method post. The header(“HTTP/1.1 301”) part must be used before the location part, otherwise PHP will automatically set the status code to HTTP/1.1 302 Found. » Read more

Using “META” Tag in HMTL HEAD to Redirect Pages

It is quite simple to redirect pages using the “meta” tag in HTML head, I just give the example to redirect the page to after 1 second. <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; url="> </head> <body> This page is redirected to: <a href=""></a>.<br /> </body> </html>        » Read more