Howtos for Git Submodule Commands (A Quick Git Submodule Cheat Sheet)

git submodule is a very useful tools in git to include other git repositories in one repository to handle cases such as library dependencies. In this post, I summarize some commonly used commands that I find useful for working with git submodule. For the list of full commands, check the git submodule manual. Add a […]

Favorite Sayings by John Ousterhout – Precious Experience and Advice for Building Systems

John Ousterhout is a professor of Deparment of Computer Science from Stanford University. One recent project he is working on is the RAMCloud, a “new class of storage, based entirely in DRAM, that is 2-3 orders of magnitude faster than existing storage systems”. He posts his “Favorite Sayings” on his homepage. These sayings are precious […]