Any suggestion on the hosting service

Any suggestion on the hosting services? Seems Hostgator is great: I was considering moving to Hostgator from Dreamhost. Dreamhost has less limitations after comparing it with others (e.g. the 250k inodes number limitation). I will stick with it. Moreover, with CloudFlare enabled ( ), it looks better. Answered by anonymous.

Disable WordPress Built-in Canonical URL link tag in HTML head

The built-in canonical URL function since WordPress 2.9 is great. But under some situation, it is not needed. For example, all the Mingle Forum threads’ canonical URL is set to the URL of the page that contains the [mingleforum] shortcode, which, of course, is wrong. How to diabled it? We can disabled WordPress’s Built-in Canonical […]

Howto: ssh automatically add new hosts to the list of known hosts

When managing many hosts, answering 100s of “yes” can make us crazy. In a trusted environment, let ssh automatically add the new hosts to the list of known hosts and free us from typing “yes”es. How to enable it? Method 1. Passing option to ssh ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no username@host Method 2. Configuring ~/.ssh/config To automatically […]