Linux operating system consists of many packages maintained by many developer communities. These Linux software packages usually are shipped with manuals as man pages, documents in HTML or txt or PDF or info pages. On SysTutorials, we provide reliable online Linux document pages for easier reading or reference.

Linux Manpages – User and Programmer’s Manual

The Linux man pages is an important part of Linux manuals. Linux man pages are organized as several sections. Each section has a group of commands for a specific area in Linux usage, administration or development. Here is a list of the sections and introductions to them:

Section 1: user commands and tools
Section 2: system calls
Section 3: library functions
Section 4: special files
Section 5: file formats
Section 6: games
Section 7: overview, conventions, and miscellany
Section 8: administration and privileged commands
Section l: math library functions

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