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IBMgtSim: Infiniband Management Simulator


IBMgtSim - Infiniband Management Simulator


IBMgtSim [-h] [-V mod-verb-pair-list] [-l log-file] [-p server-port]
  [-w num-threads] [-f flow-tcl-file] [-s seed] -t topology


Simulates the Fabric as defined by the given topology file and start a server to handle MAD requests from clients like OpenSM.


-t topology
A topology file describing the fabric to be simulated (see ibdm-topo-file)


-s seed
The seed to be used for random number generation.
-f flow-tcl-file
A tcl file to be sourced after the fabric is setup.
-l log-file
Set the log file of the simulator (default is /var/cache/ibutils/ibsim.log)
-p server-port
Set the port number the server attaches to (default 46517)
-w num-threads
The number of threads processing the mads
-V <module-verbosity-pair-list>
Provides a fine grain control over the log file verbosity. Given list of pairs of simulator software module names and their verbosity levels - every module is separatly controlled. The first value (missing module name) is controlling the default verbosity for all un-explicitly set modules.

Current Verbosity Levels:

 MsgShowFatal  = 0x01;
 MsgShowError  = 0x02;
 MsgShowWarning= 0x04;
 MsgShowInfo   = 0x08;
 MsgShowVerbose= 0x10;
 MsgShowContext= 0x20;
 MsgShowSource = 0x40;
 MsgShowTime   = 0x80;
 MsgShowModule = 0x100;
 MsgShowMads   = 0x200;
 MsgShowFrames = 0x400;
 MsgShowAll    = 0xffff;
 MsgDefault    = 0x62f;

Software Modules:

client, server, dispatcher, node, sma, lftMad, mftMad, vlArbMad, pKeyMad, portInfoMad

Examples -V flag values might be:

 -V 0xffff = Full verbosity on all modules

 -V '0x3 server 0x6f2 sma 0xffff' = Only fatal and error for all modules
     full verbosity for the SMA module and default verbosity for the
     Server module.
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