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abrt-action-generate-backtrace: Analyzes coredump, generates and saves backtrace.


abrt-action-generate-backtrace - Analyzes coredump, generates and saves backtrace.


abrt-action-generate-backtrace [-v] [-d DIR] [-i DIR1[:DIR2]...] [-t NUM]


This tool runs gdb(1) on a file named coredump in problem directory DIR. gdb(1) generates backtrace and other diagnostic information about the state of the application at the moment when coredump was generated. Then the tool saves it as new element backtrace in this problem directory.

Integration with libreport events

abrt-action-generate-backtrace can be used as an analyzer for application crashes which dump core.

Example usage in report_event.conf:

EVENT=analyze analyzer=CCpp


-d DIR

Path to problem directory.


Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.

-i DIR1[:DIR2]

Additional debuginfo directories

-t NUM

Kill gdb if it runs for more than NUM seconds


• ABRT team