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acpibin: ACPI binary AML file utility


acpibin - ACPI binary AML file utility


acpibin [<option>...]


This manual page briefly documents the acpibin command. The option list is taken from the acpibin interactive help.

acpibin is a command provided to perform some basic and common operations on AML binary files.

Much more detailed documentation may be found at


-c <file1> <file2>
Compare two binary AML files
-d <in> <out>
Dump AML binary to text file
-e <sig> <in> <out>
Extract binary AML table from acpidump file
-h <file>
Display table header for binary AML file
-s <file>
Update checksum for binary AML file
Terse mode


acpibin was written by Robert Moore <robert.moore [at]>.

This manual page was written by Al Stone <ahs3 [at]> for the Fedora project (but may be used by others).