alsa-delay (1) - Linux Manuals

alsa-delay: a command to (re)initialize sound hardware


alsadelay - a command to (re)initialize sound hardware


alsa-delay [options] requested_delay_in_ms [output_card[,device]]


alsa-delay is a command-line utility to setup an audio delay. The snd-aloop ALSA driver is used to send all PCM streams back to the user space and the alsaloop utility is used to send this stream to a real hardware.

The parameter output_card is ALSA card index (number) or string card identifier. The parameter device is ALSA device number.

Use aplay -l to list available cards and devices.


Print help.
Quiet mode.
Do not ask any questions - answer is always yes.
Clean temporary directory.
Remove the alsa-delay config modifications (modprobe, pulse-audio).
Set temporary directory.

OPTIONS (for alsaloop daemon)

Force playback device.
Force capture device.
Force playback control device.
Force capture control device.
Pass this argument to last thread.
Pass this argument to all threads.
Redirect ALSA mixer controls to OSS mixer (default is Master).
Redirect pulse-audio to alsaloop.


For devices, the string %s is replaced with the card index and second string %s is replaced with the device index and third string %s is replaced the substream index (0-7).

Example: hw:%s,%s,%s (card, device, substream)


alsaloop(1) amixer(1) alsamixer(1)