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asa: convert ASA (Fortran) carriage control charachters


asa - convert ASA (Fortran) carriage control charachters


asa [file...]


asa reads text with ASA cariage control characters from the files specified as its command arguments, or standard input if none are specified, and converts them into line printer control sequences.

These control characters are traditionally used in Fortran programs.

The first character of every line is removed from input, and the following actions are performed:

If the caracter removed is:

the rest of the line is output without change.
a <newline> is output, then the rest of the input line.
a <form feed> is output, then the rest of the input line.
An attempt is made to overstrike the previous line with the one following the character; this can be used for emphasis.
<any other character>
The same actions as for a <space> are performed; this is an extension of the POSIX.2 standard.

The overstriking generated is compatible to less(1) and a2ps(1) and may be removed by piping the output through col -b

Tabs in the input file are expanded to a width of eight.


It is not be possible to use the asa filter for interactive use in Fortran programs, because of the semantics of the + character, and because I/O is buffered.




f2c(1), f77(1), col(1), less(1), a2ps(1)