atomic-containers (1) - Linux Man Pages

atomic-containers: operations on containers


atomic-containers - operations on containers


atomic containers COMMAND [OPTIONS] [CONTAINERS...]

atomic containers allows the user to view and operate on containers



delete specified container(s).


list containers on your system.


discard unused blocks (fstrim) on running containers.


update a system container.


rollback a system container.


atomic containers delete, delete specified container image from the system.

Using --all will delete all the installed containers.

atomic containers list, by default, will list all running containers on your system.

Using --all will list all the installed containers.

atomic containers trim, Discard unused blocks (fstrim) on rootfs of running containers.

e.g. If you have 2 running containers on your system with container IDs (496b8679b6cf, 9bb990da1203).

atomic containers trim Trimming container id 496b8679b6cf Trimming container id 9bb990da1203

atomic containers update, update a system container to use a newer version of an image.

Can use --set to update environment variables.

atomic containers rollback, rollback a system container to the other deployment if one exists.


-h --help
  Print usage statement

delete OPTIONS:

-a --all
  Delete all the installed containers

-f --force
  Force the deletion of specified running containers


-a --all
  Print all the installed containers

-f --filter
  Filter output based on given filters, example usage: --filter id=foo will list all containers that has "foo" as part of their ID.

Filterables: container (id), image, command, created, status, runtime

  Print in a machine parsable format

-n --noheading
  Do not print heading when listing the containers

  Do not truncate output

-q --quiet
  Only display container IDs

update OPTIONS:

  Set a value that is going to be used by a system container for its configuration and can be specified multiple times.  OSTree is required for this feature to be available.


June 2016, Originally compiled by Giuseppe Scrivano (gscrivan at redhat dot com) July 2016, Added sub-commands filter, no-trunc and quiet (jerzhang at redhat dot com) Sept 2016, Added atomic containers trim subcommand (shishir dot mahajan at redhat dot com)