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atomic-host: Manage Atomic Host Commands


atomic-host - Manage Atomic Host Commands


atomic host [OPTIONS] COMMAND

This command is a high-level wrapper for the underlying rpm-ostree tool which can perform upgrades, rollbacks, and system state inspection. It is used for implementations of the Project Atomic Host pattern.

#NOTE The host subcommand is only available on Atomic Host Systems.


-h -help
  Print usage statement

-r --reboot Initiate a reboot after rollback is prepared.


status List information about all deployments

rollback Switch to alternate installed tree at next boot

upgrade Upgrade to the latest Atomic tree if one is available

deploy Download and deploy a specific Atomic tree

unlock Remove the read-only bind mount on /usr and replace it with a writable overlay filesystem. This default invocation of "unlock" is intended for development/testing purposes. All changes in the overlay are lost on reboot (or upgrade). Pass --hotfix to create changes that persist on reboot (but still not upgrades).


January 2015, Originally compiled by Daniel Walsh (dwalsh at redhat dot com)


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