atomic-scan - Scan for CVEs in a container or image


atomic scan [-h|--help] [--list] [--scanner] [--scan_type] [--verbose] [--all | --images | --containers | --rootfs rootfs path to scan| IMAGE or CONTAINER names ...]


atomic scan will scan the a container or image looking for known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures(CVEs) by default. It can also scan paths on the host filesystem as well using the --rootfs option.

The architecture for atomic scan is very plug-in friendly. You can define additional scanners to use via the plug-in interface. To list the available scanners setup on your system, you can use --list. To use a different scanner, you simple pass its name with the --scanner switch. You can also select a different scan type using the --scan_type switch.


-h --help
  Print usage statement

--verbose Show more verbose output. Specifically the stdout from the image scanner itself.

--list Show all scanners configured for atomic and their scan types.

--scanner Select as scanner other than the default.

--scan_type Select a scan_type other than the default.

  Instead of providing image or container names, scan all images (excluding intermediate image layers) and containers

  Scan all images (excluding intermediate layers).   Similar to the results of docker images.

  Scan all containers.  Similar to the results of docker ps -a

  Rootfs path to scan.  Can provide --rootfs multiple times.
  Note: SELinux separation will be disabled for --rootfs scans, but all other container
  separation will still be in place.


List all the scanners atomic knows about and display their default scan types.

atomic scan --list

Scan an image named 'foo1'.

atomic scan foo1

Scan images named 'foo1' and 'foo2' and produce a detailed report.

atomic scan foo1 foo2

Scan all containers.

atomic scan --containers

Scan all containers and images and create a detailed report.

atomic scan --all

Scan a rootfs mounted at /tmp/chroot

atomic scan --rootfs /tmp/chroot

Scan an image called 'foo1' with a scanner called 'custom_scanner' and its default scan_type

atomic scan --scanner custom_scanner foo1

Scan an image called 'foo1' with a scanner called 'custom_scanner' and a scan type of 'list_rpms'

atomic scan --scanner custom_scanner --scan_type list_rpms foo1


Initial revision by Brent Baude (bbaude at redhat dot com) September 2015 Updated for new atomic scan architecture by Brent Baude (bbaude at redhat dot com) May 2016