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backintime-gnome: a simple backup tool for Gnome.


backintime-gnome - a simple backup tool for Gnome.


backintime-gnome [ [--snapshots] path | --backup | --backup-job | --snapshots-path | --snapshots-list | --snapshots-list-path | --last-snapshot | --last-snapshot-path | --help | --version | --license ]


Back In Time is a simple backup tool for Linux. This is the Gnome version. For more information about Back In Time see backintime man page.

If you want to run it as root you need to use 'gksu'.


go directly to the specified file/folder
-s, --snapshots
show snapshots dialog for the specified path (only if there is no other dialog displayed)
-b, --backup
take a snapshot now (if needed)
take a snapshot (if needed) depending on schedule rules (used for cron jobs)
display path where is saves the snapshots (if configured)
display the list of snapshot IDs (if any)
display the paths to snapshots (if any)
display last snapshot ID (if any)
display the path to the last snapshot (if any)
-h, --help
display a short help
-v, --version
show version
show license


This manual page was written by Oprea Dan (<dan [at]>).


backintime, backintime-kde4.

Back In Time also has a website: