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beagled: the Beagle desktop search daemon


beagled - the Beagle desktop search daemon


beagled [options]


beagled, the Beagle daemon, is the heart of Beagle, a system for searching and managing your personal information space. The Beagle daemon should normally be started as part of user's desktop startup process.

Running beagled by hand is of use for those wishing to customize the Beagle daemon's execution via command-line options, developers testing Beagle, or those who use Beagle only infrequently.


If specified, execute the Beagle daemon in the foreground.
If specified, execute the Beagle daemon in the background (default).
If specified, the daemon tries to shutdown and replace any other Beagle daemon already running.
Configure which backends to use.
--backend <name>
       Only start backend 'name'
--backend +<name>
       Additionally start backend 'name'       
--backend -<name>
       Disable backend 'name'  
Retrieve a list of all known backends. This list of backends can then be used with with the --allow/deny-backend options. Using this argument will print out the list of backends and then exit.
Add a static backend by path.
Show version of daemon, Mono, and Sqlite.


These options are mainly for debugging and fine-tuning execution and are thus not required for standard use.
Enable extensive logging suited for general debugging purposes.
Enable mono debugging suited for extensive debugging purposes.

 Run in foreground, and exit when fully indexed.
Time to wait before indexing. (Default 60 seconds)
Disable the internal scheduler and thus refrain the Beagle daemon from performing any crawling or indexing. Search facilities will remain enabled.
Dont't cache text content of the indexed data. This option only affects data that is indexed in the current session of beagled.


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