bookman (1) - Linux Manuals

bookman: Generate a book from man pages


bookman - Generate a book from man pages


bookman [-pPxn] [-o outfile] [-a author] [-d date] [-r release]
[-t title] [-v volume] [-c coverfile] [manfile]


bookman compiles a set of man pages files specified by manfile arguments, or if no manfile is given, filenames are read from standard input.


PDF output format.
Postscript output format.
X11 previewing, using gxditview(1).
no format, output is direct gtroff intermediate format.
-o outfile
Output in file outfile. Default is standard output.
-a author
Set the author, on the cover page.
-d date
Set the date on the cover page.
-r release
Set the book name and release on the cover page.
-t title
Set the title on the cover page.
-v volume
Specify the name of the volume.
-c coverfile
Uses the file coverfile to generate the cover page, i.e. all pages preceding the table of content. coverfile must be in groff_ms(7) format.


To build a reference manual from section 2 man, do:

    $ cd /usr/man/man2
    $ bookman -p -t 'Unix Reference Manual' * >book.pdf


Marc Vertes <mvertes [at]>


man(1), mandoc(7), groff_ms(7), groff(1), troff(1), grops(1), gxditview(1), ps2pdf(1).