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bsqlodbc: batch SQL script processor using ODBC


bsqlodbc - batch SQL script processor using ODBC


[-hqv ] [-U username ] [-P password ] [-S server ] [-D database ] [-i input_file ] [-o output_file ] [-e error_file ] [-t field_term ] [-V odbc_version ]


is a utility program distributed with FreeTDS.

is a non-interactive equivalent of the `isql' utility programs distributed by Sybase and Microsoft. Like them, uses the command `go' on a line by itself as a separator between batches. The last batch need not be followed by `go'

makes use of the ODBC API provided by FreeTDS. This API is of course also available to application developers.


-U username
Database server login name.
-P password
Database server password.
-S server
Database server to which to connect.
-D database
Database to use.
-i input_file
Name of script file, containing SQL.
-o output_file
Name of output file, holding result data.
-e error_file
Name of file for errors.
-t field_term
Specifies the field terminator. Default is two spaces ( ` ' ). Recognized escape sequences are tab ( `\t' ), carriage return ( `\r' ), newline ( `\n' ), and backslash ( `\\' ).
Print column headers with the data to the same file.
Do not print column metadata, return status, or rowcount. Overrides -h
Verbose mode, for more information about the ODBC interaction. This also reports the result set metadata, including and return code. All verbose data are written to standard error (or -e ), so as not to interfere with the data stream.
-V odbc_version
Specify ODBC version (2 or 3).


is a filter; it reads from standard input, writes to standard output, and writes errors to standard error. The -i -o and -e options override these defaults.


exits 0 on success, and >0 if the server cannot process the query.


first appeared in FreeTDS 0.65.


The utility was written by An James K. Lowden Aq jklowden [at] .