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clipfilter: Run various conversions for your clipboard data.


clipfilter - Run various conversions for your clipboard data.


    # (copy some stuff)
    $ clipfilter -html
    # (paste, with html entities substituted in)
    # or URI-escaping:
    $ clipfilter -uri

    # or pipe through an arbitrary program, like `tac`, the backwards cat:
    $ clipfilter tac
    # Note: currently, this just dumps everything to open2() and reads
    # everything back. It could possibly create a deadlock, but I haven't
    # found the case that causes this, yet.


A very frequent user pattern is to copy something, edit it in some rote way, and then paste it back. Writing your own filter scripts will make it even more useful.


Current weirdness when piping this to some programs, like 'wc' and 'tail'. I will work on this.


Ryan King <rking [at]>


Copyright (c) 2010. Ryan King. All rights reserved.

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