(1) - Linux Manuals commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse

NAME - commandline frontend to Module::CPANTS::Analyse

SYNOPSIS path/to/Foo-Dist-1.42.tgz

        --help              brief help message
        --man               full documentation
        --verbose           print more info during run
        --no_capture        don't turn on capturing of STDERR and STDOUT

        --dump              dump result using Data::Dumper
        --yaml              dump result as YAML

        --to_file           dump result to a file
        --dir               directory to dump files to


"" checks the Kwalitee of CPAN distributions. More exact, it checks how a given tarball will be rated on "", without needing to upload it first.

"" is also used by "" itself to check all dists on CPAN.

For more information on Kwalitee, and the whole of CPANTS, see "" and / or "Module::CPANTS::Analyse".


If neither "--dump" nor "--yaml" are used, a short text describing the Kwalitee of the distribution and hints on how to raise Kwalitee will be displayed. The format of this text can change anytime, so don't use it for any automated processing!


Print a brief help message.


Print manpage.


Print some informative messages during testing of dists.


Turn off capturing of STDOUT and STDERR. Mostly usefull during debugging / development of new features.

If "--no_capture" is used, the value of "cpants_error" might be wrong.


Dump the result using Data::Dumper


Dump the result as YAML.


Output the result into a file instead of STDOUT.

The name of the file will be Foo-Dist.yaml (well, the extension depends on the dump format and can be ".yaml", ".dump" or ".txt")


Directory to dump files to. Defaults to the current working directory.


Thomas Klausner <>


Copyright X 2003X2006, 2009 Thomas Klausner <>

You may use and distribute this module according to the same terms that Perl is distributed under.