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csdiff: manual page for csdiff 1.3.2


csdiff - manual page for csdiff 1.3.2


csdiff [options] old.err new.err, where options are:


-x [ --fixed ]
print fixed defects (just swaps the arguments)
-z [ --ignore-path ]
ignore directory structure when matching
-i [ --show-internal ]
include internal warnings in the output
-q [ --quiet ]
do not report any parsing errors
-c [ --coverity-output ]
write the result in Coverity format
-j [ --json-output ]
write the result in JSON format
-s [ --file-rename ] arg
account the file base-name change, [OLD,NEW] (*testing*)
use colorized console output (default if connected to a terminal)
do not use colorized console output
produce help message
print version