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dzen2-gdbar: generates fully graphical progress meters


dzen2-gdbar - generates fully graphical progress meters


dzen2-gdbar [-w characters] [-s symbol] [-fg color] [-bg color] [-min minvalue] [-max maxvalue] [-l string] [-nonl] [-o]


application that generates fully graphical progress meters, from some values you supply to it.

It has the same input semantics as dbar (see dbar (1) ). In contrast to dbar, gdbar draws fully graphical meters which are only useful in combination with dzen.

See the usage examples for a description of the expected input format.


A summary of options is included below.
Value to be considered 100% (default: 100)
Value to be considered 0% (default: 0)
Foreground color. (default white)
Bacground color (default darkgrey)
Size in pixels to be considered 100% in the bar (default: 80 )
Bar height.
label to be prepended to the bar (default: '' )
Draw conky style meters.
no new line, don't put ' at the end of the bar (default: do print ')

Dbar was written by Robert Manea.

This manual page was written by bertagaz <bertagaz [at]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).