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fedpkg-copr: COPR dist-git client based on fedpkg


fedpkg-copr - COPR dist-git client based on fedpkg


fedpkg-copr [ global_options ] command [ command_options ] [ command_arguments ]

fedpkg-copr help

fedpkg-copr command --help


This tool enables you to interact with COPR dist-git repository. Except it doesn't because COPR dist-git repos are currently closed. Currently, this tool only serves as srpm "fetch" tool for copr-backend service, so that it can build the srpms.

There are two differences in COPR dist-git when compared to Fedora dist-git:

• COPR repo URLs take form of /<username>/<projectname>/<packagename>.git

• Other than just default branches are supported: mga6, cauldron, and custom


Michal Novotny <clime [at] redhat.com>