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flagpoll: manual page for flagpoll 0.9.1


flagpoll - manual page for flagpoll 0.9.1


usage: flagpoll pkg options [pkg options] [generic options]

generic options:

show this help message and exit
output version of flagpoll
list all known packages
show debug information
show verbose debug information
extra paths for flagpoll to search for meta-data files
concatenate all output and output as one line
do not strip out all duplicate info from options
show information for packages
show pkg specific options


output version for package
adds additional requirements for packages ex. 32/64
output all linker flags
output linker flags for static linking
output -l flags
output other libs (e.g. -pthread)
output -L flags
output all pre-processor and compiler flags
output -I flags
output cflags not covered by the cflags-only-I option
return 0 if the module(s) exist
use the specified FILE for the package
do not lookup dependencies for the package
return 0 if the module is at least version ATLEAST_VERSION
return 0 if the module is exactly version EXACT_VERSION
return 0 if the module has a release that has a version of MAX_RELEASE and will return the max
get the value of a variable

dynamic options(replace VAR with a variable you want to get/filter on)

NOTE: replace underscores with dashes in VAR NOTE: quotes are needed around <,>,= combinations
get VAR from package
get VAR from package and its deps
require that a var is defined for a package or optionally use equality operators against VAL
require that a var is defined for all packages or optionally use equality operators against VAL

extending search path

environment variable that can be set to extend the search path for .fpc/.pc files

Send bug reports and/or feedback to flagpoll-users [at] vrsource.org


The full documentation for flagpoll is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and flagpoll programs are properly installed at your site, the command
info flagpoll

should give you access to the complete manual.