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flatpak-remote-list: List remote repositories


flatpak-remote-list - List remote repositories


flatpak remote-list [OPTION...]


Lists the known remote repositories, in priority order.

By default, both per-user and system-wide installations are shown. Use the --user, --system or --installation options to change this.


The following options are understood:

-h, --help

Show help options and exit.


Show the per-user configuration.


Show the default system-wide configuration.


Show a system-wide installation by NAME among those defined in /etc/flatpak/installations.d. Using --installation=default is equivalent to using --system.

-d, --show-details

Show more information each repository in addition to the name.


Show disabled repos.

-v, --verbose

Print debug information during command processing.


Print OSTree debug information during command processing.


Print version information and exit.


$ flatpak remote-list --user --show-details

testrepo        Test Repository no-gpg-verify