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fotoxx: digital photo editor and collection manager


 fotoxx - digital photo editor and collection manager


 fotoxx -v -l code file directory ]


 Fotoxx is a graphical menu-driven program which operates in 
 its own window. Organize and administer a collection of images, 
 search for images, edit images, perform utility functions.


Edit functions include:
 - Flatten brightness distribution (a sometimes quick fix)
 - Brightness and color adjustments using movable curves
 - Trim, Rescale, Rotate (any angle)
 - Warp (stretch/distort image by dragging the mouse)
 - Sharpen, Blur, Noise reduction, Red-eye removal
 - Panorama and HDR composites (hand-held photos OK)
 - Artful transformations (simulated drawing or painting)
 - Pixel edit with variable brush and blending
 - Add tags, dates, and star-ratings to images

Utility functions include:
 - Search images by tags, dates, star-ratings, file names
 - Rename images using a base name and sequence number
 - Slide-show mode: full screen, keyboard navigation
 - Batch convert multiple RAW files to tiff-48
 - Select images from the navigator and burn a CD or DVD


Command line options
 -v                type version and exit
 -l code           specify locale (de, fr, zh_CN ...)
 file              initial image file to view or edit
 directory         initial directory of image files
             (File Open menu will start here)


 The online user manual is available using the menu command
 Help User Guide
 This manual explains fotoxx operation in great detail.