fts-rest-transfer-submit (1) - Linux Manuals




Usage: fts-rest-transfer-submit [options] SOURCE DESTINATION [CHECKSUM]


This command can be used to submit new jobs to FTS3. It supports simple and bulk submissions. The bulk format is as follows:

  "files": [
      "sources": [
      "destinations": [
      "metadata": "file-metadata",
      "checksum": "ADLER32:1234",
      "filesize": 1024
      "sources": [
      "destinations": [
      "metadata": "file2-metadata",
      "checksum": "ADLER32:4321",
      "filesize": 2048,
      "activity": "default"


Show this help message and exit
Verbose output.
Fts3 rest endpoint.
Print the output in json format.
The user certificate private key.
The user certificate.
Use the specified directory to verify the peer
Do not validate the server certificate
Oauth2 access token (supported only by some endpoints, takes precedence)
Blocking mode. Wait until the operation completes.
Interval between two poll operations in blocking mode.
Expiration time of the delegation in minutes.
Delegate the proxy when the remote lifetime is less than this value (in minutes)
Overwrite files.
Enable session reuse for the transfer job.
Transfer job metadata.
File metadata.
File size (in bytes)
Gridftp parameters.
The destination space token or its description.
The source space token or its description.
Compare checksums between source and destination.
Pin lifetime of the copy in seconds.
Bring online timeout in seconds.
Fail the transfer is the file is nearline.
Do not send anything, just print the json message.
Name of configuration file
Number of retries. If 0, the server default will be used. If negative, there will be no retries.
Submit a multihop transfer.
Use cloud credentials for the job (i. E. Dropbox).
Number of streams
Force ipv4
Force ipv6


fts-rest-transfer-submit -s https://fts3-devel.cern.ch:8446 gsiftp://source.host/file gsiftp://destination.host/file
Job successfully submitted.
Job id: 9fee8c1e-c46d-11e3-8299-02163e00a17a

$ fts-rest-transfer-submit -s https://fts3-devel.cern.ch:8446 -f bulk.json
Job successfully submitted.
Job id: 9fee8c1e-c46d-11e3-8299-02163e00a17a


fts-devel [at] cern.ch.