functions (1) - Linux Manuals

functions: print or erase functions


functions - print or erase functions


functions [-e] FUNCTIONS...


This builtin command is used to print or erase functions.

-a or --all list all functions, even those whose name start with an underscore.
-d DESCRIPTION or --description=DESCRIPTION change the description of this function
-e or --erase causes the specified functions to be erased.
-h or --help display a help message and exit
-n or --names list only the names of all defined functions, not their definition
-q or --query test if the specified functions exist. Does not output anything, but the builtins exit status is the number of functions specified that were not defined.

The default behavior of functions when called with no arguments, is to print the names and definitions of all defined functions. If any non-switch parameters are given, only the definition of the specified functions are printed.

Automatically loaded functions can not be removed using functions -e. Either remove the definition file or change the $fish_function_path variable to remove autoloaded functions.

The exit status of the functions builtin is the number functions specified in the argument list that do not exist.