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gauche-config: retrieve configuration parameters of Gauche


gauche-config - retrieve configuration parameters of Gauche


gauche-config option


Gauche-config displays various parameters specified at the configuration time of the Gauche Scheme implementation. It can be used in Makefile and other configuration scripts that uses Gauche.


General parameters

Gauche version.
Prints the command line used to configure the current Gauche installation.

Parameters to compile an application using Gauche

-I, -L, -l
List of "-I" options (include directories), "-L" options (library directories), and "-l" options (libraries) for the compiler which are required to compile applications that links Gauche library.
Name of the compiler used to compile the current installation.
Directory name that contains Gauche specific autoconf macro.
The architecture signature, which is used in the pathname of architecture-dependent files, e.g. "i686-pc-linux-gnu".

Parameters to install files

--syslibdir, --sitelibdir
Directories where system/site scheme files go.
--sysarchdir, --sitearchdir
Directories where architecture-dependent system/site files go.
--sysincdir, --siteincdir
Directories where system/site header files of extensions go.
--mandir, --infodir
Directories where gauche manpage and info docs are installed.

Parameters to compile Gauche extention

Object file suffix of the gauche extension.
Flags required to compile shared object.
Flags required to link a gauche extension.
Libraries to be linked with a gauche extension.
Dynamic/shared library file suffix of the system.
Flags required to link dynamic/shared library file.
The name of shared library of libgauche.


Shiro Kawai (shiro @ acm . org)



Gauche Scheme interpreter: