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gimplut: convert GIMP gradient (ggr) files to binary lookup tables (lut).


gimplut - convert GIMP gradient (ggr) files to binary lookup tables (lut).


gimplut [-h] [-o file] [-s samples] [-v] [-V] [file]


The gimplut utility converts gradient files from the GIMP(1), the GNU Image Manipulation Program, to a binary lookup table format commonly used by medical imaging software; in particular the Medcon(1) package.

The LUT format consists of n red, n green and n blue bytes, interpreted as integers from 0 to 255.

The program will read from stdin if a file is not specified as the final argument, and write to stdout if the -o option is not specified.


-h, --help

Brief help.

-o, --output file

Write the output to file, rather than stdout.

-s, --samples number

Use the specified number of samples rather than 256.

-v, --verbose

Verbose operation.

-V, --version

Version information.


The alpha channel of the input is completely ignored in the output.

At some point in the future the functionality of this program will be transferred to the svgx(1) program.


J.J. Green


GIMP(1), medcon(1).