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git-cpan-import: Import a module into a git repository


git-cpan-import - Import a module into a git repository


    # takes any string CPANPLUS handles:

    % git cpan-import Foo::Bar
    % git cpan-import A/AU/AUTHORID/Foo-Bar-0.03.tar.gz
    % git cpan-import

    # If the repository is already initialized, can be run with no arguments to
    # import the latest version
    git cpan-import


This command is used internally by "git-cpan-init", "git-cpan-update" and "git-backpan-init".

This command takes a tarball, extracts it, and imports it into the repository.

It is only possible to update to a newer version of a module.

The module history is tracked in "refs/remotes/cpan/master".

Tags are created for each version of the module.

This command does not touch the working directory, and is safe to run even if you have pending work.


Enables Backpan index fetching (to get the author and release date).
--checkversion, --nocheckversion
Explicitly enables/disables version checking. If version checking is enabled, which is the default, git-cpan-import will refuse to import a version of the package that has a smaller version number than the HEAD of the branch cpan/master.
Allows adding extra parents when importing, so that when a patch has been incorporated into an upstream version the generated commit is like a merge commit, incorporating both the CPAN history and the user's local history.

For example, this will set the current HEAD of the master branch as a parent of the imported CPAN package:

        $ git checkout master
        $ git cpan-import --parent HEAD My-Module

More than one '--parent' can be specified.


This document describes git-cpan-import version 0.2.1


Please report any bugs or feature requests to "bug-git-cpan-patch [at]", or through the web interface at <>.


Yuval Kogman "<nothingmuch [at]>"

Yanick Champoux "<yanick [at]>"


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic.