globus-sh-exec (1) - Linux Manuals

globus-sh-exec: Run a shell script


globus-sh-exec - Run a shell script


globus-sh-exec [ -help | -usage | -version ]

globus-sh-exec COMMAND [ARGS...]

globus-sh-exec -e EXEC


The globus-sh-exec command executes a shell script, setting the GLOBUS_SH_PERL and GLOBUS_SH environment variables to the perl and posix shell interpreters respectively. The COMMAND script can be a local file or a GASS url, in which case it is downloaded by globus-url-copy before execution. The ARGS parameters, if any, are passed as the command-line options to COMMAND.

The full set of options to globus-sh-exec are

-help, -usage

Print usage information and exit.


Print version information and exit.

-list, -l

Lists the defined GLOBUS_SH_ variables and exits.

-exec EXEC, -e EXEC

Run the command EXEC instead of executing a separate script.


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