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glunarclock: A lunar clock applet for the gnome panel


glunarclock - A lunar clock applet for the gnome panel


glunarclock-applet-2 [nooptions]


This manual page documents briefly the glunarclock commands.

glunarclock displays the current phase of the moon as an applet for the gnome panel. It also provides astronomical data including various clock times, rise and set times for the moon, and the moon's current coordinates.

To add this applet to a Panel, right-click on the Panel and choose Add to panel->Accessories->Lunar Glock

For more information, please see the Gnome help for glunarclock. To access gnome help for glunarclock either right-click on the applet and then choose help or start the Gnome help browser and then choose Applets->Accessories->Lunar Clock.

This manual page was written by Yoshito Komatsu <ykomatsu [at]> and Josh Buhl <jbuhl [at]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).