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go-version: print the build information for Go executables


go-version - print the build information for Go executables


go version [-m] [-v] [file ...]


Go version reports the Go version used to build each of the named executable files.

If no files are named on the command line, go version prints its own version information.

If a directory is named, go version walks that directory, recursively, looking for recognized Go binaries and reporting their versions. By default, go version does not report unrecognized files found during a directory scan. The -v flag causes it to report unrecognized files.

The -m flag causes go version to print each executable's embedded module version information, when available. In the output, the module information consists of multiple lines following the version line, each indented by a leading tab character.


This manual page was written by Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg [at] debian.org> and is maintained by the Debian Go Compiler Team <team+go-compiler [at] tracker.debian.org> based on the output of 'go help version' for the Debian project (and may be used by others).


go doc runtime/debug.BuildInfo.