gpilot-install-file (1) - Linux Manuals

gpilot-install-file: gnome-pilot file conduit scheduler


gpilot-install-file - gnome-pilot file conduit scheduler


gpilot-install-file [--now|--later] files...


gpilot-install-file is a command line tool for scheduling files to be installed on a Palm PDA by the gnome-pilot file conduilt.


In addition to a list of files to be installed gpilot-install-file takes the following options:
Schedule the file(s) for installation and wait for the user to synchronise immediately.
Schedule the file(s) for installation and exit. The files will be installed at the next synchronization.


The file installation conduit was written by Eskil Olsen <eskil [at]>. This manual page was written by Mark Brown <broonie [at]>.