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MySQL database driver in GRASS enables GRASS to store vector attributes in MySQL embedded database without necessity to run MySQL server.

Driver and database name

GRASS modules require 2 parameters to connect to a database. Those parameters are 'driver' and 'database'. For MySQL embedded driver the parameter 'driver' should be set to value 'mesql'. The parameter 'database' is a full path to the directory where database tables are stored. The best place is a directory in the mapset. The directory must be created before use of the driver. In the name of database it is possible to use 3 variables:

 $GISDBASE - path to current GISBASE

 $LOCATION_NAME - name of current location

 $MAPSET - name of current mapset

Examples of connection parameters:

  db.connect driver=mesql database='$GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/mysql'

  db.connect driver=mesql database=/home/user1/db

Data types, indexes

For more informations about supported data types and indexes see the documentation for MySQL (mysql) driver

Database type

Because database closing was found very slow if InnoDB was used, the InnoDB storage is disabled by default (hardcoded cq--skip-innodb' server option).


The embedded server is started with hardcoded '--bootstrap' option to avoid warning about missing mysql.time_zone_leap_second table. This can be fixed in future.


Development of the driver was sponsored by Faunalia (Italy) as part of a project for ATAC.


Radim Blazek

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