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gribdump: Decode GRIB products and display as text


gribdump - Decode GRIB products and display as text


gribdump [-h] [-b] [-p precision] [-e errpath] [-g tabfile] [-q qspecs] [files ...]


This program decodes GRIB products (embedded in WMO product envelopes) on the NWS High-Resolution Data Service (HRS) feed, writing textual representations of the products or summaries of the products to standard output.


Headers only. Information from the Product Description Section and Grid Description Section is output, but no data values are output. The default is to output both headers and data values.
Brief output. Only one line is output for each product, providing summary information of the parameter, grid, model, levels, time ranges, and other information.
-p precision
Precision used for printing floating-point values, if other than the 7-significant figure default is desired.
-e errpath
If a GRIB product cannot be decoded, perhaps because it is truncated or otherwise corrupted, it is appended to this file.

-g tabfile
Use GRIB-netcdf translation defined in this file. The format of this file is:

Grib;netCDF;long name               ;units;comments
 31 ;CI    ;Sea-ice cover           ;none ;(0-1)
 34 ;SSTK  ;Sea surface temperature ;K    ;
151 ;MSL   ;Mean sea-level pressure ;Pa   ;
167 ;T2M   ;2 metre temperature     ;K    ;
-q qspecs
Specification for how to expand so-called quasi-regular or thinned grids into rectangular grids. This argument is a comma-delimited text string that specifies the method of interpolation used (currently lin for linear or cub for cubic), and the latitude and longitude increments in degrees for the resulting grid (e.g. dlat=2.5,dlon=5.0).
The path name of one or more files of GRIB products used as input. If no filenames are provided, GRIB products are read from standard input.


The command
gribdump -q "lin,dlat=2.5,dlon=5.0" avn-x.wmo
will decode and display values for the products in avn-x.wmo If the data contain quasi-regular grids, they will be expanded to full regular grids on a 2.5 by 5.0 degree grid before being written into the output file.


Error messages and log messages are written to the log file.


gribtonc(1), netcdf(3), pqact(1), udunits(3), ulog(3)