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grok-pull: Clone or update local git repositories


GROK-PULL - Clone or update local git repositories


grok-pull -c /path/to/repos.conf


This utility runs from a cronjob and downloads the latest manifest from the grokmirror master. If there are new repositories or changes in the existing repositories, grok-pull will perform the necessary git commands to clone or fetch the required data from the master.

At the end of its run, grok-pull will generate its own manifest file, which can then be used for further mirroring.


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
Be verbose and tell us what you are doing
-n, --no-mtime-check
Run without checking manifest mtime.
-f, --force
Force full git update regardless of last-modified times. Also useful when repos.conf has changed.
-p, --purge
Remove any git trees that are no longer in manifest.
-y, --pretty
Pretty-print the generated manifest (sort repos and add indentation). This is much slower, so should be used with caution on large collections.
-r, --no-reuse-existing-repos
If any existing repositories are found on disk, do NOT set new remote origin and reuse, just skip them entirely
-m, --verify-mirror
Do not perform any updates, just verify that mirror matches upstream manifest.
-s SUBPATH, --verify-subpath=SUBPATH
Only verify a subpath (accepts shell globbing)
-c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
Location of repos.conf


Locate repos.conf and modify it to reflect your needs. The default configuration file is heavily commented.

Add a cronjob to run as frequently as you like. For example, add the following to /etc/cron.d/grokmirror.cron:

# Run grok-pull every minute as user "mirror"
* * * * * mirror /usr/bin/grok-pull -p -c /etc/grokmirror/repos.conf

Make sure the user "mirror" (or whichever user you specified) is able to write to the toplevel, log and lock locations specified in repos.conf.


Please send support requests to the mailing list:


mricon [at]

License: GPLv3+


The Linux Foundation and contributors