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gtrayicon: Generic tray icon for GNOME


gtrayicon - Generic tray icon for GNOME


Generic tray icon for GNOME is a small utility which allows to add a icon to the system tray that can be used to trigger customized enable/disable actions.


string to appear as tooltip
activate command
deactivate command
icon to show for 'activate' action
icon to show for 'deactivate'
custom menu to display for right button
start in 'activated' state (default: 'deactivated' state)


Activate action: start webfs (web server) setting a pid file
Deactivate action: kill that webfs instance

gtrayicon \

  --activate="/usr/bin/webfsd -k /tmp/pid.file -r /var/www" \
  --deactivate="cat /tmp/pid.file | xargs -ipid kill -TERM pid"


For an example on how to write a menu file,see


Gtrayicon was written by Javier Valencia (javiervalencia80 at This Man page was written by Taylor LeMasurier-Wren <ripps818 [at]>