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i3lock: slightly improved version of slock


i3lock - slightly improved version of slock


i3lock [-v] [-n] [-b] [-d]


i3lock locks your screen by making it white. To quit i3lock just enter your password.


i3lock improves slock by making it fork() and therefore combinable with commands to suspend your computer. Additionally, instead of turning off your screen via DPMS and/or displaying a black screen, i3lock displays a white screen so you can see if your computer failed to resume from suspend or if your screen is just locked. Also, when entering a wrong password, i3lock does not call XBell(). This is important because i3lock/slock think you've entered a password when resuming from suspend, at least sometimes.

Since version 1.0, i3lock supports PAM.


-v, --version
Display the version of your i3lock

-n, --nofork
Don't fork after starting.

-b, --beep
Enable beeping. Be sure to not do this when you are about to annoy other people, like when opening your laptop in a boring lecture.

-d, --dpms
Enable turning off your screen using DPMS. Note that, when you do not specify this option, DPMS will turn off your screen after 15 minutes of inactivity anyways (if you did not disable this in your X server).


Michael Stapelberg <michael+i3lock at stapelberg dot de>

forked from slock-0.9 by Anselm R Garbe <garbeam at gmail dot com>