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ibtopodiff: Fabric Topology Matcher


ibtoopdiff - Fabric Topology Matcher


ibtopodiff [-v][-h] -t <topo file> -d <subnet file> -s <start node name>
  -p <start port num> -g <start port guid>


This utility performs matching between a given topology file (see man ibdm-topology-file) and a subnet.lst file (this file provides a dump of all links in the discovered fabric and generated by ibdiagnet or OpenSM).


-t|--topology <file>
Topology file. See man ibdm-topology-file for its definition.
-d|--discovered <file>
subnet.lst file produced by OpenSM or ibdiagnet
-s|--start-node <name>
The name of the matching start node, also known as anchor node. E.g. H-1/U1
-p|--port-num <num>
The number of the matching start port, also known as anchor port
-g|--port-guid <guid>
The guid of the matching start port


Verbsoe mode
Provides this help message


Eitan Zahavi, Mellanox Technologies LTD, eitan [at] mellanox.co.il